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Eulàlia Valldosera
Maternitat / 2014
The body is a container, a mediator that impregnates us with life or that intoxicates us, of contents that make us dependent or that allow us to grow. As we get older, we identify our previous dependence on the maternal milk in the interdependence with the environment. The artist is also a mediator. He contains an infinitude of human registers and canalizes the group’s questions. In other words, he absorbs and distils images that pose questions which annoy us or also nutritive answers that expand us …
©E.Valldosera, 2014

Editor: Tinta Invisible Edicions
Edition of: 25
Technique: estampa digital giclée
Paper: Hahnemühle Matt Fibre 200 g
Paper size: 38 x 52 cm
Plate size: 38 x 52 cm
Price: 400,00€