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Digital print

Giclée stamp

The concept of digital print makes reference to an inkjet on the paper. The digital file, the scanner and the photography are the begins of a later limited edition, numbered and signed by the artist.
Conceptually the print Gliclée could be explained as the same way as engraving. The digital file would be the metal plate.
We print on 100% cotton papers acid free that has the same quality as the etchings papers but those are prepared with an emulsion to receive an inkjet. We use ink-pigmented stable at light and with a durability of more than 75 years.

Nowadays the digital print is a great alternative of high quality inside the world of graphic work.
Maximum resolution great format 1118 mm: 2.880 x 1.440 ppp.
8 ink pigmented printing Ultra Chrome stable at light: more than 75 years durability.
Versatility of papers: acid free artistic quality, 100% cotton, and possibility of mixed techniques, even with engraving.


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